A LA CARTE (Choices of white rice and brown rice)
















Sweet & Sour Tofu 9.95$ fried tofu,?carrot, zucchini, onion, pineapple, bell pepper, tomato and sweet tomato sauce.

Thai Stir-fried Vegetables with Garlic in brown sauce?9.95$ stir-fried mixed vegetables with fried tofu

Thai Spicy mix Vegetables with tofu?9.95$ stir-fried mixed vegetables with fresh chili and fried tofu

Bean sprout & Mushroom 9.95$?stir fried bean sprouts, scallions, mushroom, fried tofu with brown garlic sauce

Green bean with brown garlic sauce 9.95$ stir fried green bean, carrot, scallion, fried tofu with brown garlic sauce

Spicy Eggplant 10.95$flashed fried eggplant sauted with chili paste, onion fried tofu, garlic, sweet basil, and bell pepper

Cashew Nuts 9.95$ stir fried roasted cashew nuts, fried tofu, celery, carrots, and chestnuts in a light brown sauce, garnished with dry chili

Ginger Mushroom 9.95$ stir fired mushroom, fresh ginger, fried tofu , onion, carrot in a light brown sauce.

Spicy Green bean 9.95$ (Prink King) green bean with spicy with seasoning?and fried tofu

Spicy mint chicken or beef (Pad Kra Prow)?11.95$ sauted soy chicken with chili, garlic, onion, bell pepper and sweet basil.

Chicken or Beef garlic 11.95$ stir fired soy chicken and crispy garlic sauce on a bed of lettuce.

Teriyaki chicken or Beef?11.95$ grilled soy chicken with teriyaki sauce comes with steam broccoli, carrot, on bed of steam cabbage.

Chicken wings 9.95$ 4 pieces of soy chicken wings marinate with sweet orange sauce, on top of crispy basil leaves.

Orange Chicken 10.95$ battered soy chicken in orange flavor sauce.

Crispy Chicken with Sticky Rice?11.95$?serve with thai spicy sauce and slice of iceberg lettuce

Green Curry beef with roti bread 12.95$ NEW!

Prik Khing? 9.95$

Organic King Mushroom with garlic 9.95?
Pan Fried Asparagas with garlic?shrimp 11.95$?

Add?seitan $2.50, soy chicken $2.50, soy beef $2.50, soy shrimp $2.50, soy pepper steak $2.50